Cheap Shared Hosting With Dedicated IP For Low Budget Websites


We all know that shared hosting is the cheapest hosting package. It is cheaper than VPS and dedicated server, because it is for low budget websites, that is the almost the only way to go. By default a shared hosting package comes with a shared IP, not dedicated. So, it means you will share same IP with other users that put their websites in the same shared hosting you lease.

If you want to lease a dedicated IP, you should add the dedicated IP and you have to pay about 1-2 dollars per month. Buying dedicated IP will give some benefits:

1. You will be able to view your website just by typing the dedicated ip number on your address bar.

2. Your website has unique identity and google love it. If your website still has the same IP address with spammy website, it can impact your website’s ranking in search engines.

I have good experience with some hosting companies which serve cheap share hosting with dedicated IP address for 5 dollar per month. It is very suitable for low budget websites like company profile, online shop, or websites for learning. One of cheap shared hosting with dedicated IP is servinio, then you can click it to see more information.


Top 3 Free and Legal Mp3 Download Sites

download mp3

In the modern age today, music becomes important for us. Music has swept into our lives and influenced all aspects of our lives. We can not deny that music has no affects for us. Music affects our body, mind, love, work, even dream. You can find music playing in the malls, streets, televisions, movies, gyms, lifts even toilets. Music stimulates your body and brain then mind, for example if you listen high BPM (beat per minute) music like trance or ska, you want to move faster and suddenly you feel happy.

Finding free and legal music streaming is not difficult today. We can find it in Youtube or Soundcloud, but according my viewpoint, there is top 3 free and legal mp3 download sites. Here is it!

1. Soundcloud


Soundcloud is the best source of free and legal musics from amateur musicians, indie and of course, world musicians. It is the best music community that gives you large inspiration. You can also upload your song and share it to your fans or someone you knew. You can also download mp3 songs from, but you have to pay if you want to download professional artists . You can join now, it is free!

2. Last FM

lastfm offers live streaming music and huge fans community which you can join in. Its slogan is “Listen to free streaming music, videos, and create your own radio station.” And of course you can listen your favorite radio channel in the world. This streaming media service also allows you to connect with another fans and share your musics each other. You can also buy your lovely music in iTunes through this social music network. And you can join in for free!

3.  Purevolume


Purevolume is huge indie community in the cyber world. You can host your song in mp3 format and share it your fans around the world. Purevolume is open for amateur or unsigned artists, independent labels, and major label artists. Don’t worry about the bills, because this streaming media service is free. You can download mp3 songs of your favorite band for free or paid, it depends on the band or musician. Overall, purevolume is great website to promote your songs if you are a unsigned or indie artist.

All the websites I explained above are the great source for getting some inspiration and free songs for all genres. That’s all!


Top 5 Sexiest Ever JAV Idols

Japanese Adult Video or JAV as far I know is the largest business by revenue in Japan even in the world. Japan has become the largest adult videos producer since 1980. Thousand girls become the actress every single year in Japan. They are recruited by several agencies or promote their self using internet. More than 10 videos are produced everyday. And this 5 foto bugil JAV idols who became famous due to their “sexy video tapes” in Japanese Adult Video industry. They are from several adult agencies like S1, SOD, and others. This is the top 5 foto bugil sexiest ever JAV idols.

1. Tsubasa Amami

foto bugil tsubasa amami

Tsubasa Amami is the famous name among of JAV idols. This young girl began her career in adult industry since she was 18. Her debut released in 2009. This very pretty and popular JAV idol was born on March 8, 1988 in Hiroshima, Japan. She known as the sexiest and skilled JAV idol. She has also beauty face.

And that’s why she has many fans in the world, especially in Japan. Tsubasa Amami is E cup JAV idol. She performs mainly in straight AV movies. You can find her foto bugil at

2. Mei Sawai

foto bugil mei sawai

Mei Sawai is the sexiest Japanese model and gravure idol. She also works as JAV actress and stars more than 10 AV’s titles. This hottest JAV idol was born on August 31, 1983 in Tokyo, Japan. Mei Sawai has pretty face with dark hair and brown eyes. She is not tall anyway, her height is only 155 cm. Mei Sawai is E cup AV actress. No many background you can find from this pretty JAV actress.

3. Megu Fujiura

foto bugil meguri

Young and sexy AV actress is Megu Fujiura. The sexiest Japanese girl ever in the modern day. Megu Fujiura became famous since her debut in Japan AV industry. She began her career as gravure idol since 19 after graduated from High School. Her gravure debut was photo-books and chaku-ero videos that you can download with the tag download bokep on . She always does selfie with her camera to show her sexy body.

In last December 2008, she started her career in Japan AV industry as AV actress. After retirement in September 2010, she rejoined with new stage name, Meguri. And now, she is still exist in Japanese AV industry. Megu Fujiura is H cup AV idol.

4. Momoka Nishina

foto bugil momoka nishina

Momoka Nishina is JAV actress who has huge breast. Her bust measurement is around 100 cm. She began her career in Japan AV industry in 2010. This J-cup size AV actress has played more than 500 movies since her debut. This sexy AV actress was born on May 24, 1991 in Tokyo, Japan. She known as young busty JAV idol. Beside her main job as AV actress, she also works as gravure idol and adult magazine model for some several adult companies.

Momoka Nishina plays also in J-movie like Hitozuma second virgin: Watashi o osotte kudasai (2013), Red Sword (2012) and Sunk Into the Womb (2013). So you can say that Momoka Nishina is multi-talented AV actress. Momoka Nishina performs in some bukkakke movies.

5. Aimi Yoshikawa

foto bugil aimi yoshikawa

Aimi Yoshikawa known as young and busty AV actress because she has huge boobs. Her boobs is larger than Momoka Nishina. This busty Japanese girl was born on March 20, 1994 in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Her first career was a gravure idol and later she appeared in her adult video debut in the same year, 2012. She got awarded as the best actress of the year at at SOD award. SOD is Soft On Demand, the largest adult video company. Aimi Yoshikawa is J-cup AV actress.

Next post will be, cerita lucah on

Top 3 Hottest Adult Apps

In the digital life, an adult not only needs game apps to make them feel good in this life. They really need some adult entertainment which can bring their sexual life to the something new. Now, they can download some sensual apps to express their sensual desire and share it to the other user. Okay, this is the top 3 hottest adult apps which you can download for your device.



camscom is an app for Android for chatting. It also offers adult webcam shows and you can select more than 10 categories. You can select your video based on race, age, hair color, skin color and many more. You can also select the models you like, female, male even transgender. This app offers free membership for guest and basic member. For free member, not all videos show in HD. But for premium membership, you can watch almost videos in HD without lag. available for Android and iPhone.


2. Saucytime


Saucytime is one of many web apps for adult. You can chat with any models you like with FaceTime video mode, so it is a real chat. You can select any type of models you like the most based on race, skin color, sex, hair and eye color, and many more. But most of the models are from UK. This app is not for men only, but for women too. This app is free and no membership fee required. Saucytime is only for iPhone, so you can not install it on your Android. So, find it on iTunes.


3. Couple


Couple is apps for you and your pair of love because its slogan says, “an app for two”. This app offers private sharing between you and your love. No one can know what are you talking about with your soul mate, because it is private. You can share your moments with your love in private mode. It is very useful for cheater.  You can download this cute app for Android and iPhone.


That’s it the top 3 hottest adult apps which can bring you to a new digital life. You can download all the apps from Google Store


Top 5 Hottest Female Game Characters in PS4

One thing makes gamer want to play a video game is the female characters. How they are, sexy or not? Ugly or pretty? Those are the common questions about the female game characters and when they see them in the video games. Everyone has their own criteria to decide who is the sexiest female game character. So, I am going to write who is top 5 hottest female game characters from next gen consoles such as PS4 and Xbox One. The criteria based on my own viewpoint. So, here we go!

1. Kasumi

sexy kasumi shinobi

The first and sexiest ever female game characters in DOA series is Kasumi the Shinobi. Nobody can deny that she has sexy body and cute face! From PS1, PS2, PS3, then PS4, Kasumi is always draws gamers attention in the world. Kasumi is the main protagonist of Dead or Alive series first appeared in Dead or Alive Ps1 and soon became an icon from Dead or Alive. So my first choice is the lovely Kasumi but any Dead or Alive girls are so hot.

2. Lara Croft

lara croft sexy ps4

Everybody knows that Lara Croft is the one of sexiest ever female game characters. By the time Lara Croft becomes iconic from adventure games since her first appearance on Tomb Raider PS1. This sexy Archaeologist draws most gamer in the world over three decades. Lara Croft has appeared in fourteen different Tomb Raider games on PS1, PS2, PS3, and now PS4. In the PS4, you will find that Lara Croft is more hotter and her boobs more bigger than PS3. The new Lara looks more prettier on the next gen consoles because its awesome HD technology.

3. Quiet MGS 5


Controversial female character in Metal Gear Solid 5 due to her costume, but to be honest, she is sexy. This hot young lady wearing only bra and fishnet stocking g-string inside is a sniper and called Quiet. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is her first appearance, so you can find her at previous versions. Quiet is described as being “A Sniper deprived of her Words.” Most MGS’s fans said that she is overly sexist, but it’s not problem for me because yes, she is awesome. This is her video!

4.  Harley Quinn

harley quinn ps4

Harley Quinn is the playable female character in Batman: Arkham Knight. Her first appearance was in the 90’s cartoon version, Batman: The Animated Series. She was a psychiatrist for Akrham Asylum then fell in love with the Joker and became villain of Batman. This Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel then turned her life into crimes just for stealing attention of Batman. In the PS4, you will find Harley Quinn is the sexiest villain.

5. Jill Valentine

jill valentine

Jill Valentine will be the sexiest female game character in the Resident Evil Remake for PS4. This HD version will make its debut on PS4 and Xbox One  on 2015. This is the first game in the survival horror series on next gen consoles. Imagine, you play the survival horror game in 1080p as Jill Valentine, the sexiest digital diva ever! It must be awesome experience.

5 Hottest Wallpaper Apps for Android

December has come, just 1 month again, we will meet 2015. Many moments that happened in 2014, and million cool apps for android have been launched for million users worldwide. So, in the first post, I will tell you what is the best  and hottest wallpaper apps for Android since first 2014 until now. As you know, thousands of wallpaper apps have been released and now installed in million Android smartphones in the world. There are 5 hottest wallpaper apps for Android that make you smartphone’s background is more beautiful and awesome. Okay, here we go!

1. Flikie Wallpapers HD


My smartphone using this cool wallpaper apps that I recommended to you to install on your awesome Android smartphone. You can browse awesome photos, images, and also wallpapers then install them as your Android smartphone wallpaper. This apps can  This apps is number one for me because easy to use and of course it is HD or High Definiton, nothing can beat it, sure!  And one more, Flikie Wallpapers HD is totally free with awesome features! But remember, if you installed with HD features, your battery would out more faster.

2. 500 Firepaper


One of my best choice is the cool wallpaper HD apps, 500 Firepaper. This is one of the coolest wallpaper apps for Android which I have tried. I recommend to install it because 5oo Firepaper has many advantages, one of them is you can access more high quality images to use as your smartphone’s background and you can choose which category you like. And also the photos have 500 pixel and of course, they are high definiton.

3. Backgrounds HD


Background HD app for Android smartphone is my third choice. This nice app contains more 5000 high quality images which you can download it then install as your background. You can share any HD images with your friends and tell that the images coming from Backgrounds HD app.  Backgrounds HD is one of 5 hottest wallpaper apps for Android. All the images have HD quality and also totally free! So let’s say thanks to OGQ who created this user friendly wallpaper app.

4. Zedge App


Maybe you installed Zedge app on your smartphone? I said that because million users installed Zedge app on their smartphone and maybe one of them is you. The only one wallpaper app trusted by million users is Zedge app. This free app offers more than thousands high quality images that you can download it in second.

5. PicSpeed HD Wallpapers


What is wallpaper app Android that has more 500.00 high quality images? The answer is PicSpeed HD Wallpapers! PicSpeed HD wallpapers app is the best choice if you count the number wallpapers. You can find images of cute puppies to creepy monsters here. PicSpeed HD wallpapers contain tons of HD images that you can install as your smartphone background. You can edit all of the images to adjust them. This app adds more 100 new images daily, so you can select your favorite images without lack of images. This app free to download!

So the hottest wallpaper apps have explained. You can choose what is the best from the 5 hottest wallpaper apps for Android above.  You can download them from Google Play.